Zaditor pediatric dosage for azithromycin


What is Zaditor?
Zaditor zaditor pediatric dosage for azithromycin (ketotifen fumarate ophthalmic solution 0.025%) is an over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamine eye drop that relieves itchy eyes due to allergens. It's the first OTC eye drop strong enough to last up to 12 hours with just one drop. Previously available only with a prescription, Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) is now available OTC in original prescription strength.

What is the difference between Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) and leading OTC antihistamine eye drops?
With Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate), you can expect fast, effective relief with just one drop that lasts up to 12 hours, whereas the leading OTC eye drops only provide relief for up to 4-6 hours. Some OTC itchy eye products also contain redness relievers (vasoconstrictors) that through repeated use can actually cause your eyes to become even redder after the effect of the vasoconstrictor wears off. This is called the "rebound effect." Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) works differently from these types of products. It stops the itch at the source by also blocking histamines (a chemical made by the body during an allergic reaction) that causes itchy eyes but does not directly pediatric constrict blood vessels. With Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate), you don't have to worry about worsening your symptoms as a result of the "rebound effect."

Why did Novartis Ophthalmics apply to the FDA to change Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) from prescription to OTC?
Since its introduction in the U.S. in 1999, Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) has been safely used by millions for the temporary prevention of itchy eyes due to allergic conjunctivitis. By making Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) available OTC, itchy eye sufferers can experience fast, long-lasting relief from itchy eyes without a prescription.

Is OTC Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) the same strength as original prescription-strength Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate)?
Yes. You can now benefit from the same prescription-strength Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) without a prescription.

How safe is Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate)?
The FDA has determined that Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) is safe for OTC use based on the long-term use of the drug, as well as the controlled clinical studies that supported the original prescription-strength formula.

Is Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) safe for use in children?
Yes. Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) is safe for children as young as 3 years old.

Can Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) be used in both eyes?
Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) should only be applied to the eye or eyes that are affected.

How is Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) administered?
The recommended dose is one drop in the affected eye(s) twice daily.

Can Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) be used with contact lenses?
Yes. However, contact lenses should be removed prior to applying Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) and not reinserted for at least 10 minutes following application.

Does Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) treat seasonal allergic conjunctivitis?
Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) relieves itchy eyes caused by seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

Does Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) treat perennial allergic conjunctivitis?
Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) relieves itchy eyes caused by perennial allergic conjunctivitis.

Does Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) treat pink eye?
Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) relieves the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, which is a type of pink eye. Other causes of pink eye include infectious (viral, bacterial and fungal), inflammatory (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc) and toxic (chemical and other irritants). Always consult your health-care professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

How much does Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) cost?
Suggested retail price for a 30-day supply is.99.

Is Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) covered by insurance?
Typically, OTC medications are not covered by health insurance.

What are some of the causes of itchy eyes?
Itchy eyes can be caused by seasonal or perennial allergens such as pollen, ragweed, mold, dust, animal hair and pet dander. Worsening or prolongation of symptoms should be seen by a medical professional.

When and where will Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) be available OTC?
Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) has been available OTC in retail stores since January 2007.

What is the preservative in Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate)?
The preservative in Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) is benzalkonium chloride.

How should Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) be stored?
Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) should be stored at temperatures between 39° and 77° F.

What size is the Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) bottle?
Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate) comes in a 5 ml bottle that contains a 30-day supply if dosed as directed.



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