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Roland/Boss Resources zithromaxroland xp 50 for sale in uk zithromax
Chris Carter's Sound-On-Sound retrospective article on the Roland 100M Modular synthesizer. Includes many other SOS reviews.
A new Yahoo forum for Roland A-series controllers. See the A-Series Page for downloads and turbo start documents for A-Series controllers.
Marc Schreier's freeware JX8P editor software for Windows now has Alpha Juno support.
Info and MP3 demos of the Alpha Juno.
An archived site with links, sysex, and a Cakewalk INS file to download.
A Yahoo group for Alpha Juno 2 users to exchange info and ask questions.
A Yahoo group for Alpha Juno / MKS-50 users to exchange info and ask questions.
Includes an archive of some patch sheets and manuals for gear including the SCI Six-Trak, the Roland Alpha Juno 1/2, CSQ-100 and PG-300 programmer
A great BR-8 info site including a very good guide to upgrading the 100MB Zip drive to 250MB with instructions and pictures. Presented by Blame Productions.
Resources and support for the Boss BR-8 studio. Also read a guitarist's ongoing review of the BR-8.
BR-8 FX patches with diagrams and descriptions.
Undocumented info from Mark Lakata
Windows patch editor for the D5/D10/D20. Download from Harmony Central.
WMW is a Win3.1/Win95 MIDI monitor, arpeggiator and D110 tone editor combined and is free to download.
PC midi editors for GS & LA synth (MT32,D110 etc)
Patches for D-series synths including D50,D20, D10 and D70.
The Lugnuts (Linear User Group) is an online forum presented by Gord Braun for all L/A synths including D-50, D-10, D-20, D-5, D-110, D-70, MT-32, CM32L, CM64, LAPC, GR-50, and RA-50.
Freeware Macintosh universal system exclusive librarian with some added features for the Korg Wavestation and Roland D5/20/10/110 synths.
Yahoo group for users of the D2 groovebox.
Archived site that provided patches for the D50/D550.
D50 soundbanks in sysex format.
A good archive of patches, links and resources for the D50.
Roland D50 LA Synthesizer Service Notes and circuit diagrams.
Sound-On-Sound take a look back at what made the D-50 such a success at the time and now.
German language web site with D50 sounds, MIDI implementation chart plus tips and tricks.
Archived site with Tim's patches for the D50 in both MIDI Quest and sysex format.
A beta Windows editor for editing patches on the D50.
D70 file archive that you can download from
Schematics and mods that can be performed on the Boss DR-110 drum machine.
A message board dedicated to the Boss DR-5 drum machine.
Mailing list for users of the Boss DR-5 drum machine.
Dr5Edit is Windows DR-5 librarian software with basic editing features included. And you can download DR5Doc, an evaluation version.
Mac software that allows you to upload standard MIDI files to your DR-5.
User support site for the E-600 featuring styles to download and links to E-600 resources.
Luiz Flavio Vieira presents Brazilian GM/GS midi files produced on his E86.
Some E-86 styles available to download, plus the page is available in both Russian and English.
A Windows editor for the EM-2000 and G-1000.
Links to online resources for the EXR-3 and EXR-5.
Roland Fantom Club at Yahoo.
A great Fantom user site with tips, related files, live chat and discussion.
Fantom-S & Fantom-X info, tutorials and resources.
Sound-On-Sound magazine reviews the Roland Fantom.
Yahoo group for users of the Roland Fantom FA-76 Keyboard. Group is open to all synthesizers lovers and users.
Yahoo group dedicated to Roland Corporation's Fantom S and Fantom S88 Keyboards.
Yahoo group dedicated to the Roland Fantom X Series Synths. X8, X7, X6 and X Rack or XR.
Info, tips and links to style sites & resources for the G-1000. Also has a list of Roland keyboard clubs including some newsletters online.
Roland Keyboard Club Antwerp provides downloads for the G-1000 including styles and OS upgrades. Also support for other arranger keyboards as well. Dutch language option only.
Info, tips & resources for the G-1000
This an archive of what was once Bob Richie's G800, G1000 & RA800 users forum. The download files are no longer valid.
Dutch website that provides resources for the G-70, PA1x, VA7 and G1000 and an archive of files to download.
Home of the G70 Session Manager software for Windows.
This forum for Roland arranger keyboards grew from the old G-70 User Club Denmark.
Discussion group at Yahoo for G-70 users.
Styles, hints and tips for the Roland G-800.
Styles available to download for the Roland G-800 & E-series, Solton MS-series and Korg i-series synths.
Sysex, info and related links for the GI-10 guitar MIDI interface.
Windows control panel allows you to control the GI-10 parameters and save & load your configuration. Free to download but you need to fill in a request form. Presented by Sasho's & Branka's Homepage Also AWE32/64 bank manager software and AWE32/64 Cubase mixermap available.
Roland's FAQ and manual download page for the GK-2A pickup ( for use with a GK compatible Roland module ).
A guitar oriented page with patches and info for the GP-100
Patches, info & other related resources for the GP-100 processor.
Patches, reviews & links the GP-100
A Windows patch editor for the GP-100.
Discussion and resources for GR-09 users.
Resource links for the Roland GR-1 synth
Resource links for Roland GR synth users
Lots of useful information, reviews, links, midi & instrument files for the GR-30 guitar synth. Plus links to Mac editing software.
A Yahoo Group with discussion on the GR-30
Nicely laid out website with links, resources and forum for GR-30 users.
A site dedicated to the GR-300 guitar synth with mods and links to resources.
Windows software for managing system and patch data on the GR-33 guitar synth.
Featuring GSPanel, a Freeware Win95 panel for control of Roland GS & GM synthesizers (including the RAP-10) from Anders Korsvall. (Thankyouware actually - if you use it let him know you appreciate it & support him!!)
VBSYX is a a sysex utiltity plus librarian editor. Plus other great features. From Mike's GS-XG-AWE Midi Page which has other interesting utilities as well.
Boss GT-5 guitar effects editor software for Windows.
Boss GT-5 guitar effects processor site with files to download, info and links.
Boss GT-5 guitar effects processor resource and info site.
Boss GX-700 guitar effects processor site with files to download, info and links.
Fan site with links to online resources for the JD-800.
Patches and software are available for the JD-800 and JD-990.
A German JD-800 site with tips and tricks in German.
Martin provides patches for the JD-800.
Info and Cakewalk instrument definition files for the JD-800.
Archive of Stephen Drake's JD-800 page with patches & other resources.
Stephan Dargel makes some JD-800 soundbanks available for you in MIDI file format at Synrise.
A Yahoo group for JD-800 users.
Sounds in sysex format plus other assorted files for the JD-990 found on the web.
Yahoo Group for JD-990 users.
Patches and software ( a modified version of the JD-800 patch tool ) are available for the JD-800 and JD-990.
Brian presents his own patches & performances plus hints and tips for the JP-8000.
Sounds and service documents for the JP-8000
Martin provides patches for the JP8000 in Roland's JP8K Librarian format.
Info, downloads and resources for the JP-8000.
A patch librarian for the JP-8000/JP-8080 from Roland. Although Roland US has removed it, it is still available from some European company websites.
A Sound-On-Sound review of the JP-8080
Yahoo discussion group for ALL Juno series synths.
Setsu Homepage presents a shareware Juno librarian for the Mac plus 140 patches in HQX format to download.
Factory patches available in.WAV format plus links and other resources like the manual scans
Some patches available to download for the Nord Modular, Roland Juno 106 and Access Virus.
Info page with midi implementation details.
Provides patches and manuals for a number of older synths.
Windows program with a very unique approach to patch creation. Available for the Roland Juno 106
Factory patches, brochures and test procedure info.
Better control of your Juno 106, MKS50 & Alpha Huno 1 &2 through sysex. From the Vintage Synth Explorer website.
Daredevil presents useful technical info & resources for the Jupiter-6 and Juno 106.
Midi upgrade available now for the Jupiter 6 from Synthcom.
Manual for the Jupiter 6 available.
Offers resources, samples and patches plus other info for users of the analog Jupiter 8 synth.
Dana makes some of his original patches for the Jupiter 8 available as WAV recordings of the tape save output that you can play/load into a Jupiter 8.
Encore make MIDI retrofits for the MOOG Source as well as the Oberheim OBX/OB8 and Roland Jupiter 8
Norman Zeb presents a support site for JV1000, JV80, JV90 users.
Freeware librarian that supports the JV-1010.
Robert Weigl's Cubase Studio Module Driver for the JV-1010 is available to download.
Freeware editor for PC and Mac.
Realtime Win9x/NT editor for the JV1080/2080 synth modules. English and Hungarian language options available.
Sounds for the JV-1080 and a Roland Impressions bank for the Yamaha AN1x
Sound banks, drumkits, midifiles & links for the JV-1080 from IMP.
A complete Windows editor for the jv1080, jv2080 or xp50, xp80 synthesiser.
Kostas's JV1080 page with midi files specifically for JV-1080/XP-50 synths only. Plus other JV1080 related files & links.
Free Acid Experience bank to download, plus Inspiration Banks to order online.
Sounds, software & other resources for the Super JV/XP range.
Home of the ChangeIt JV & XP series editor librarian. Sounds available as well as the software installation info.
Songs and patches available for Roland JV/XP synths and the Yamaha EX5.
A private archive of JV/XP patches.
JV-XP Patch & Performance editors. Very intuitive editors for the Roland JV-XP series. They also work great with the JV1010 or XP30.
Sounds & resources for the JV/XP series and also hosts the Roland JV/XP mailing list
Some MIDI songs for the JV-2080 are available to download.
A collection of sounds to emulate the TR909, TR-808, TB-303 and other analog machines as well as natural sounds.
The Super JV / Super XP mailing list maintained by Mark Vitek. Archive search available.
Nir provides some original XP80 banks for you to download.
Norzes' Windows software that helps create analog sound on JV/XP synths.
A selection of JV1080 and XP patches available for you to download.
General info on a number of recent Roland synths plus some patches and songs for the JV/XP synths. Also has the WinJV/XP editors available.
Links to JV/XP/XV resources onlines.
Information about the XP series of Roland, including the Expansion Boards, Patch & Wave lists and downloadable patches in.SYX and.SVD format. Also a large midifile collection.
Andy Slater provides patches for the JV/XP series synths as well as being the home of the JV/XP Ring
Page with patch lists for the JV1080 and TD-5 plus many useful utilities and lots of midi info.
A shareware Windows JV/XP editor.
JV/XP resources with an emphasis on Acid sounds & grooves.
Win9x editor for the JV/XP family of synths JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-50, XP-80 etc. Should work with the JV1010. Trial version available for download.
The old mailing list is going to migrate to this new list at Egroups.
Patches & resources for the JV80 & JV30
Tommi Rotonen's JV-80 page with info, links & tips.
Sysex files of JV80/880 patches to download.
JV90 info & patches as well as some info on the A90-EX
Yahoo discussion group for JX series synths.
A hack of the original ROM. This firmware allows editing of the currently active tone via midi. Provides MIDI editing that the Roland engineers weren't able to provide themselves. This requires that you know how to burn an EPROM and replace it in your JX-10.
Windows System Exclusive Librarian for the Roland Super JX-10.
Features the Super JX-10 / MKS-70 synth
JX-10 Sysex details. plus expanding RAM cartridge memory.( converting an M-16C into a M-64C.... very cool ).
JX-10 editor software for the Atari ST.
A forum for all discussion on the JX-305.
A Yahoo discussion group for the JX-305.
Tips & tricks, schematics and modifications for the Roland JX-3P.
Provides patches and manuals for a number of older synths.
Dirk Rockendorf kindly provides his Mac patch editing software emulating the PG-800 programmer.
The DOS version as well as the Win95 Beta are available for download. If you use a JX8P, a PC & a MPU-401 compatible midi interface this program is a MUST. Provides an excellent emulation of the PG-800 programmer.
Photos showing the BR2032 internal battery.
An explanation & diagram from on how to fix the weak aftertouch response that was a problem with early models.
Resource site for the JX-8P/PG-800 controller with pictures and details on repairing aftertouch.
Yahoo Group for discussion on the JX series synths.
JX-8P, MKS-7O, and JX-10 patch editor for the Atari ST, TT, Falcon, and compatibles. Interface based on the PG-800 controller.
An innovative feat of reverse engineering that allows you generate a MC-202 tape tone from a midi file. Allows you to use your favorite midi sequencer to program your MC-202 sequences. Presented by the Defective Records Page
A page from Japan with info & resources for the MC-202 Micro Composer.
Very useful site with patches, tip & hints and other info on the MC-202.
Info and discussion for MC-303 users.
Some MC-303 patterns in SMF format.
This German page provides an environment file for the MC-303 under Emagic's Logic.
A webring that lists sites that provide support for the the MC-303 and MC505 Groovebox.
General specs of the MC-303 Groovebox plus a MIDI implementation chart.
Info, quick reference guides, MIDI implementation and other info for the MC-303.
A Yahoo Group for discussion of all the MC micro composers.
An article on converting your MC-500 MKII songs to Standard Midi Files (SMF) or vice versa.
A French web site with info & links for the MC-505.
A German language mailing list for users of the MC-505
A list of sites that support Roland type groovebox gear.
Roland's own web site with info, news, maintenance tips and more for the MC-505 plus other models in Rolands "groove" range of products. Shockwave option available.
Dedicated to Mac users using the MC-505
A Windows editor for editing sounds on your MC-505
Files, info & resources for the MC-505 Groovebox.
A Yahoo group for discussion and files for the MC-909.
An unofficial support site for the MC-909.
A Yahoo discussion group and are building a patch archive for the Boss ME-30 effects.
Info & patches for the Boss ME-30 guitar effects unit.
Includes some Roland (various models) patches, programs and other assorted synth & midi files from an archive of what once was Cyberden
Presents info and links to resources on each of the Roland MKS modules. Some manual info is available.
MKS-30 schematics, OS upgrade etc.
MKS-30 MIDI mod kit that provides full MIDI sysex and MKS-30 parameter control plus DOS editor and PG-200 Cakewalk control panels.
Features the MKS-50 & Alpha Juno series synth
John Buckner invites you to download a free copy of his MKS-80 Patch Manager for Windows 9x/NT that allows loading and saving of patches/tones to/from your computer. The MKS-80 factory patch sets are also available here.
A freeware MSK-80 Windows editor available for download.
A Win95 patch editor for the sound expansion series. Analog style editing. Files saved in ascii for easy cut & paste to sequencers
Info, patches and drum samples taken from the MT-32.
A description of the MT-32, an MP3 demo and the user manual.
MT-32 patches, sequences and technical documentation.
Forums and patches for the MV-8000 Production Studio.
Modified by EPROM reprogramming to convert a PG-1000 into a MIDI slider controller. Code and documentation available.
Vintagesynth present an online guide to using the Roland PG-300 controller.
A FAQ for users of the Roland RAP-10 card.
Jeff Blatt's Windows MIDI utilities including MIDI File Converter for converting between MIDI File formats 0,1,2 plus other tools including MIDI diagnostics and RAP-10 Control Panels.
Sound-On_Sound take a close look at the RD-700NX.
Video demos of the RD-700SX at
Low cost Windows editor for RS-5 and RS-9 keyboards.
A Yahoo group just for users of the RS Series synths.
Resources, info and discussion for RS-7000 owners.
Roland Sampler Users' mailing list, FTP archive OS, samples & utilities for the S50, S550 & S770 and W30
An archive of a site that no longer exists. Utilities and samples for the S-10 sampler. And read these notes from Lil Chips which recommend using Smith-Corona QD Part # 61838 Quick Disks
A freeware S-10 Manager for Win95 with WAV support that allows you to send and receive samples between your S-10 and PC.
Provides info from the S-220 owners manual online.
Technical info and schematics for the S-50 sampler.
Software that converts WAV files to S550 and S330 sample dumps.
Info on the S-760 and OS installation from the Project BDX HomePage
Info and tips on the S-760 plus OS downloads are available.
A system exclusive message generator for the Roland Sound Canvas SC-88 and other sound modules bearing the GS logo.
MIDI files for the SC-88. Requires the MT-32 tone set.
Dedicated to creating SC patches that recreate the sound & feel of actual pipe organs.
Established since 1994 SCUG helps bring Sound Canvas users together to share information and generally assist eachother to get the most from the Roland Sound Canvas. Lots of good info here for all Sound Canvas related products.
Choice picks from the SCUG Sound Canvas User Group
Kevin presents his Cakewalk.WRK files for the SC-55 and Alesis D4
A collection of midi files for the Roland SC-7 module.
MIDIBuzz is an editor for the Mac with modules for the SC-88.
Archive of a French site with info, resources and patches to download for the SC-880 synth module. Some files may still be available.
SCedit Sound Canvas editor by Gary Gregson.
Patches available for downloading for the D-50, XP-80, Boss SE-70 & Korg X5/X5D
Original SH-09 & System 100 samples available for free download from
Pictures, online owners manual & sound samples of the SH09 synthesizer.
Online manual plus other info related to the SH101.
OneList mailing list forum for the SH101 synth.
Links to banks & patches for a variety of synth models including JV1080, JD-800 & JP-8000
Sound Expansion Controller. A Win95 patch editor for the sound expansion series. Analog style editing. Files saved in ascii for easy cut & paste to sequencers
Tips & tricks, discussion forum and keeps a contact list of SP-808 users online.
Yahoo Group for users of the Roland SpaceEcho, an analog tape echo chamber.
A forum dedicated to the System 100M modular including discussion and pictures.
Archive of a past TB-303 site with schematics, tips and other info on the TB-303.
Lots of resources, info and links for the TB303 with an easy to navigate layout.
Operation Manual online for the TB-303
The Devil Fish mod provides a number of new features for the TB-303 including long battery life and improved sound control. See for custom made cases for the Devil Fish modified TB-303.
Page with patch lists for the TD-5 and the JV1080 plus many useful utilities and lots of midi info.
A shareware Windows editor for the TD-7 from Dnote.
A TB-303 clone but with memory & midi.
TR-505 user written manual providing basic info on how to change modes and write patterns. While not the official Roland manual it can provide you with important info on operating the TR-505.
A resource site for users of the TR-606 drum machine with modifications, manual, pictures and info. From the Music Machines TR-606 Page.
A PDF of the TR-606 manual introduction with some useful info.
A UK based company that can provide mods for the TR-606.
SOS magazine give a rundown on the Roland TR-626 drum machine.
A personally written manual by Kenneth Flodqvist on how to get around the TR-707 drum machine.
Website dedicated to the Roland TR-909.
Information on the TR-909 hardware including a schematic & a circuit description for each TR-909 instrument.
VintageSynth present an online version of the TR-909 drum machine manual.
Info, tips, links and some samples of the TR-909
Patches, software, programming tips plus other relevant info for the U-20/U-220
Sounds to download and links to resources for U-20 owners.
Provides info in Dutch for G-1000 and VA-7 users as well as styles and variphrase samples to download.
Eyal presents his observations and links for the VA-7
Subscribe to the VA-7 mailing list for discussion with other VA-7 owners.
Styles and resources for the VA-7 keyboard.
The unofficial Vdrums site featuring info, new and links related to Roland's VDrum technology.
A Yahoo mailing list for the Boss VF-1 FX processor.
V-Guitar System page with downloadable patches and info. Another example of Roland's COSM physical modelling technology.
Subscribe to the VG-8 mailing list for discussion with other VG-8 owners.
An archived page that had info and links for the VG-88 guitar system.
Provides related info and patches for the VG-88.
Brad Coates' review of the Roland VK-7 digital organ.
C-Mexx make Win9x/NT4.0 software to control the Roland VS-1680 recorder.
Mailing list for VS-840/880/1680 studio users
Documentation in PDF files as well as Excel files for the VS-880EX.
VS Pro software lets you control the power of any Roland VS series Digital Audio Workstation from your computer
Mailing list for blind users of Roland's VS digital recorders.
An active mailing list for VS-840 users.
An archived site with info & links available.
Resource site with news, info and discussion for Roland VS Studio users.
Roland's website for the V-Synth.
Worldwide community of users of Roland V-Synth series synthesisers.
Commercial sound design company sell exotic waveform libraries for the Roland V-Synth.
Some W30 disk images available to download.
PC/DOS software that allows you to write W30 disks on your PC. Also convert between W30 songs and MIDI files.
A Yahoo group for users of the W30 sampler.
The unofficial homepage of the W30 offering info, sounds, OS download and links for the W30.
An archive of the old W30 users page with links, sound disks, FAQ plus other info for W30 users. But of course the mailing list is now dead.
Mailing list for W30 discussion.
Roland Sampler Users' mailing list, FTP archive OS, samples & utilities for the S50, S550 & S770 and W30
Synth Editor and Librarian for the Roland XV Series Of Synthesizers. Includes the Roland XV-5080 / XV-3080 / XV-88 and XV-5050. Trial version available for download.
Sound-On-Sound presents tips and hints on using XV synths.
A Yahoo Group for discussion on any of the XV-Series synths from Roland. presents Ben Kraft talking about and demonstrating the XV series and SRX expansion boards.
Provides some synth sounds and OS updates for the Access Virus, Roland XV-3080 and Novation Nova plus other synths.
A Yahoo group with discussion and files for the XV-5080.
Links, info and lots of audio demos in MP3 that exhibit Rolands new XV-5080 synthesizer.



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