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Personally, I reckon these bumps are nothing serious if they look like pimples. They could be sebaceous cysts. They are very common in this area, especially on penis and testicles because there are a lot of oil glands here. I have them as well. They look like pimples but can’t be squeezed billy because the membrane they have is quite tick and nothing comes out through it if you start squeezing (ok, some can be squeezed).

This thick membrane is why they appeared in the first place. Under these bumps, there are oil glands that produce sebum. This sebum is supposed to get on the skin surface and lubricate it but because there are no openings that would lead to the skin, the sebum starts accumulating under the skin causing these bumps.

They are usually left in place and never removed because they are harmless. However, they can be removed at the doctor’s office by removing the thick membrane and getting out the collected sebum.

I can’t say 100% that what you have are sebaceous cysts but sure do sound like them. They don’t remind me of any STD.



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