Azithromycin dosage for travelers diarrhea medicine

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 1  Ear infection Extreme fatigue/weakness/light headed with exertion/ hearing loss Ear infection cleared but hearing loss was severe and gradually got better after 6 weeks - extreme fatigue lasted about 10 days F 69 5 days
250 mg
 5  Chlamydia Epididymitis I took 1000mg first day with 200mg Doxycycline then 500mg Zithromax and 200mg Doxycycline each day for 8 days. The drugs together made me feel very tired and I was sweating heavily and had a higher temperature. No other problems and all symptoms went away before the end of the 8 days. In total over the 8 days I took 8.5 grams of Zithromax and 2.8 grams of Doxycycline. My partner took the same and she complained of stomach problems and cramps. She weighs 47Kg and I weigh 94kg so that is why it affected her more. My partner took the same and she complained of stomach problems and cramps. She weighs 47Kg and I weigh 94kg so that is why it affected her more possibly? M 63 8 days
500 2X D
 5  Chlamydia Nausea Abdominal Pain Headache Diarrhea I do very well with medications and my stomach is pretty strong so I didn't have any severe issues with this medicine. I've looked up many reviews and I was so scared to take Zithromax. Before taking it eat a starchy food like pasta. Drink lots and lots of water before and after the pill. Get some ginger ale and crackers as well. You will feel so sick if you do not eat prior to taking this medication. F 18 1 days
 1  Sinusitis Bad diarrhea, thought I was gonna die on the toilet y'all. Pulling a mf Elvis n shit. I have COMPLETELY lost my sense of smell and taste. You'll feel light-headed immediately after taking this cesspool of a medicine, and you'll get bad headaches. You'll genuinely feel like crap. That's my experience. And NONE of it is worth it. This shit does NOT help whatsoever, but Mucinex helped the fuck outta me when I took it. That's good shit right there. Okay so y'all hear me out, if your mfing doctor prescribes you zepack, you ain't even be polite. You uppercut da bish and tell em to go fuck they selves and walk THE FK outta there cuz they ain't no good doctor. Dat bitch want you to suffer. NEVER TAKE IT!!!! As I write this I am ON THE TOILET SHOOTING FIRE OUT MY ASS!!!!! F 17 5 days
250mg 1X D
 1  Cellulitis Profuse sweating, nausea with vomiting, moderate to severe abdominal cramps, diarrhea, bloating. My body is extremely insensitive. 99% of people taking a medication could get a side effect, and I will be the 1% that has no issues. This medication was awful even for me. I will list this as an allergy from now on. I am an RN and give this drug IV in the hospital all the time, I never knew the PO version was so awful. F 33 2 days
 1  Travelers diarrhea Severe gastrointestinal issues - bloating, diarrhea, burning in stomach, pounding heart, horrible anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, overall feeling of flu like symptoms. I took 1000 mg in one dose with food, as recommended. I felt terrible the next day, with all of the symptoms described above. It has been 2 weeks, and the symptoms are beginning to decrease, but I am still not feeling well. I would never take this medication again. I think it wiped out my entire digestive tract, and I take probiotics. Nor sure what it did to my central nervous system, but I have never experienced anxiety like this. Still dealing with some anxiety and anorexia, but it is improving. Take this medication at your own risk. It should be taken off the market! F 65 1 days
1000 mg 1X D
 3  Throat infection Dizzy, stomach cramps My equilibrium is way off! I feel drunk and I have been having stomach cramps. Strangest thing ever! F 36 2 days
250 1X D
 1  Sinus infection Worst anxiety I have ever experienced in my life. Will never take again. Potentially ruined my career as it caused me to have panic attacks right before an important test. Heart rate was jacked up for days on end, and latched on to my upcoming test and could not get it out of my mind thinking I was going to fail. The physical and psychological disaster this drug caused far outweighed the curative benefits. M 28 4 days
 1  Slight congestion and cough Heart palpitations (like how I feel when I'm about to take off on plane ride or rollercoaster), anxiety, slight diarrhea Dr prescribed z pack after I had a congestion and cough for almost two weeks. It wasn't getting worse but wasn't getting better. I took the first days dose, 2 of the 250mg pills. A few hours later I had to use the bathroom but I was driving on the road. Almost pooped my pants. And then my heart felt like when you're about to drop from a high roller coaster ride. All night. And into the next day. Trying to just manage my stress and anxiety so I don't make my heart worse. Didn't take the second dose and will stop taking it and won't ever take it again. I'd rather cough for a month than feel like my heart is gonna drop at any time. I read the warnings on the leaflet it comes with and thought maybe I had an unknown heart problem that I was reacting this way to the antibiotic and am sure to die from it. Don't ever wanna take this again. I wanna flush this out of my system already (the two pills I took on the first day will be in my body for 17 days, wth). Nope never again! F 26 5 days
 1  For sinus infection Heart palpitations high blood pressure and heart rate severe anxiety and hallucinations thought I was losing my mind couldn't eat as much as I wanted too crying spells slight depression. I couldn't take care of my little girl it was horrible these side effects lasted six months before I'm back to normal will never take again can't function normal life Side effects may last a long time but you will get back to normal eventually but definitely scariest thing I've ever experienced never will take this again never! F 29 5 days
150 mg
 4  Stomach Infection Extreme hunger, mental clarity was foggy, extremely bad insomnia, paranoia, visual disturbances, irritable, exhausted, horrible taste in mouth and loss of taste to food days after finishing last dose, skin on face puffy, red, and stingy. I also itched in vaginal area, throat, and mouth as well. I did experience severe stomach pain, bloating and diarreah first couple of days but it subsided after 3rd day.It did sibstantially get rid of my stomach infection however now i have these other horrible side effects that have compromised my life significcantly. Ugh. I will not take thia again. I want my sleep back, my taste back and my good health back to normal again. I guess I will try taking more water, allergy pills, working out to sweat it out and a probiotic. I have got to get this out of my system. I do not recommend unless you must do it because you have to do it. If lose my sense of tast permanently i may sue this company. Are you with me? F 39 7 days
 1  Strep Throat/Mono Sever Headache, redding of skin especially on the face and ears, also skin feels like its burning. F 40 6 days
 1  Bronchitis Severe abdominal pain - I only took meds 2 days and 2 days later I am still in awful pain. I had taken this before but not for probably 2 years. I have never had this bad of symptoms. I don't want to go to ER... F 62 2 days
1X D
 1  Ear infection Extreme dizziness, headache and diarrhea. After getting over the flu I went to the dr with what felt like a terrible hangover. I was dizzy and felt unwell all together. He prescribed the z pack because my ears were exremenly fluid filled. I already suffer from anxiety and at the time wasn't thinking about anything but getting rid of the head pressure. I came home and took the double dose and within hours I was extremely dizzy, light sensitive and had diarrhea. Chalked that episode up to the double dose so I took the next dose the next day. Same exact effect. Never ever again will I take this medication. I feel worse now than I did when I had the flu. My anxiety is out of the roof and I'm still dizzy and foggy feeling! F 39 2 days
 5  Bronchitis It worked for me many yrs ago. I'm getting now for the current bronchitis. I make sure to drink tons of water. Sorry for the allergies to others. I realized now everybody is totally different. F 50 1 weeks
 1  Sinusitis/Bronchitis I had taken it for years with no problems, suddenly in october I was put on it and my World came crashing down. Severe anxiety, depression, confusion, insomnia, muscle spasms, calf pain, chest pain, tingling in hands and feet, weakness, fatigue, and I felt like I was going crazy. I literally had to go to a psychiatrist because of these effects and thinkin I was going insane. It's March now and I still experience some of the effects. Please do NOT take it F 38 10 days
 1  Sinusitis Extreme pain in both legs around the calf. My son has taken this antibiotic before with no problem. Fast forward to 2 years later, he was put on it last month (February 2017) for sinusitis. After 2 doses he could not walk. His pain was terrible around his calf in both legs. His Doctor took him off of it and within a day, he was back to normal. M 6 2 days
5 ML
 1  Misdiagnosed strept throat Horrible vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, fatigue, genreal weird feeling. I only took three pills. I will never take this again, ever. F 48 2 days
 1  Infection in sinuses/ears A few hours after taking this I experienced severe stomach and abdominal pain, diarrhea/loose stool, and nausea. I couldn't sleep well that night, or the other nights, because of sweating and anxiety. I am so exhausted. I am also starving, but can't eat much and have a weird taste in my mouth. I thought I was going crazy, but I'm happy it's not just me. Do not take this! F 24 3 days
 1  Sinus infection Racing heart, very very confused/out of it, rash all over stomach and legs, bad anxiety attacks, feels like my throat is closing, upper back pain, joints hurt, bruising very easily so now have bruises all over, feels like I got hit by a car. Definitely do not take this! Try something else! Causes you to have a horrible panic attack! 22 2 days


 1  Sore Throat Diarrhea, paranoia, jitters, insomnia, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, "bad trip" One of the worst nights of my life. Felt like a bad hallucinogen trip. Could not think straight at all, dark intrusive thoughts (like cutting my abdomen open with a knife) and paranoia which caused a panic attack. The next morning I felt like my IQ was a lot lower and could only do things very slowly. Thankfully by the next day I feel mostly better again. I am hoping I don't have any more ongoing issues with it, I would never take this again. M 39 1 days
500mg 1X D
 1  Asthma Pelvic pain dizziness tired ear infection weak headache fluid retention in body swollen face hands legs F 55 6 days
30 mg
 2  Was sick heart flutters I had taken it a while back, until this day I have heart flutters everyday and no one can tell me why. (Lawsuit) I believe this drug has a life long side effect of heart flutters! F 40 1 days
In questio
 1  Inner ear infection Burning in the chest, and stomach, abdominal pains, nauseous, diarrhea, no appetite, ringing in the ears, dizzy and weak and headaches. I will never take this medication again. F 47 5 days
 5  sinus infection/upper respiratory slight loose stool Works well for me and have never had a problem. Sometimes have needed a second 5 day pack to kick out the remains of sinus infection. Have always taken with food at same time each of the days, and kept hydrated and have never had a problem with this drug. It has worked for me when tetracycline, doxycycline and amoxicillin have not. F 55 5 days
250 mg 1X D
 3  Upper respiratory infection It has caused a nervous stomach, and not sure, but have been having anxiety. I took my last dose 2 days ago and I will never take this again. F 70 5 days
 1  Upper respiratory Infection Horrible anxiety and nervous stomach. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I cry, no appetite. I just finished my last dose 2 days ago & can hardly wait for this terrible stuff to get out of my body. I will never take this again. F 70 5 days
250 5X D
 2  Bronchitis Pain gas diarehha F 72 2 days
 5  pneumonia and sinusitis, plus skin I have had no negative side effects My chest was congested, I had a very bad cough of long duration,and my nose was running azithromycin dosage for travelers diarrhea medicine constantly. I could not breathe. After 4 days, I am much improved. Additionally, for the past 46 years I have had a hospital acquired skin infection (from the hand sanitizer in the pediatric ICU) that appeared to be untreatable--it is almost clear. Makes me wonder why no one ever prescribed this drug for me before. I am very thankful for the Zpak. F 76 4 days
 1  Prolonged inus confestion and cough DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. I felt excruciating abdominal pains, severe diarhhea, insomnia, intense migraines, severe joint stiffness all within a few hrs of taking this absolutely worthless drug. I only took the first two pills and quit taking it. Its NOT worth it at all!!!! M 29 1 days
 1  Tooth surgery This drug is terrifying and shouldn't be prescribed. Severe flatluence(gas) and diarrhea, trembling, night sweats, exhausted, no energy, chills, no apetite etc. A whole list of symptoms that would take forever to list. If you want to put your health in jeopardy than take this other than that.. DONT!! Terrible. Take this off the market F 20 1 days
 1  Possible bronchitis Horrible anxiety attacks, dull headaches, excruciating stomach pains, heart palpitations, black stool, felling out of it, eye sensitivity, hypochondria, loss of appetite, dizziness, night sweats, can't focus and loads of others. NEVER TAKING THIS DRUG AGAIN!! Went to urgent care for shortness of breath and a slight cough. They prescribed me the z pack but after looking at my X-rays said my lungs and heart was normal. I decided to take it anyway just in case it might've been there. Worst mistake I've ever made. It's been a week now since my last pill and I'm still having side effects. Can't wait to feel normal again. Glad I ran across this site, thought I was loosing my mind. You're gonna feel like everything in the world is wrong with you but it's just the meds. F 34 5 days
250 1X D
 3   1 days
 1  Upper respiratory infection Upset stomach, nausea, dizzy spells, severe heartburn even at night despite going to be 3 hours after a light meal (on all 5 days), weakness and mid to upper level back pain. Doctors say that despite the side effects the long term benefit is that the bacteria is eradicated from your system - what they don't tell you is that it practically kills the healthy cells that remain - for them to regenerate is a painful process. I strongly recommend taking something different. M 32 5 days
250 MG
 1  Strep I had the same exact side effects I thought I was completely losing my mind and going insane by the fourth day of taking this my thoughts and my body reactions are starting to level out again since I stopped taking it I will never take this again 46 1 days
 1  Bronchitis and sinus infection I took this medicine with pseudoephedrine. Bad idea.about the fourth day taking both medicines I developed severe anxiety to the point I thought I was dying. Heart rate went up jitter in my chest felt sureal felt impending doom had fear of everything even of weather it was horrible thought I was losing my mind. And I already have existing anxiety so it was 100 times worse but every second of everyday for two months straight! This was on June 17 I took it and now it's august and at times I still can't handle a little stress but has gotten better this drug is evil stays in the tissues too long and the liver. My bilibrium was elevated and never had previous problems before also thyroid levels a little elevated too probably because of too much cortisol in my system from this drug with the panic attacks ugh I was fine and normal before my whole summer was ruined I felt like a crazy person went to many doctors and they said it was not antibiotics but yes it was I had a bad reaction like most people here and funny everyone has same side effects as me so this is a bad drug never ever would take again as long as I live!!! Poisonous drug will mess up your whole body system. F 29 5 days
250 mg
 3  STD Nausea, Stomach Pains, drowsiness and definitely a lot of diarrhea. And one panic attack Everyones body is different, I noticed women have it worst off from this medicine and idk why. But for me I took this around 2pm today after eating Popeyes and 15-20 minutes later I felt like I got the stomach bug with severe stomach pains and nausea, running to the toilet to go number 2. After that I had a panic attack because I wasn't expecting this feeling. However as the day has been going on I continue to get a bit of sour stomach and nausea before each episode of needing to go to the bathroom. I feel like eating before is a must and drink water or it would have been worse!! It's 5:23 pm and things seem to be settling with very minor stomach pains here and there. I hate the doctors and medicine in general, they'll give you anything to charge your insurance, there's better alternatives then this "fuk you now you feel sick as hell" Zithromax pill. As long as this works I'll be happy but never again. Lesson learned. M 20 1 days
 1  STD Stomach pains, diarrhea, anxiety, lost of appetite. The worst diarrhea of my life and with no appetite lost a lot of weight. Won't take this crap ever again. M 34 1 days
 1  Bronchitis Severe stomach pains, anxiety, anger, depression, insomnia, diarrhea, massive headache, vomiting I just started this today not even 24 hrs ago and I'm have many side effects. I took this antibiotic before and it was all fine but now i can barely stay out of the bathroom because of constant throwing up/diarrhea. And when I'm talking to someone I seem to snap out of nothing! I don't have an history with anxiety or depression but I am very sure I had a panic attack and I couldn't slip crying and feeling just awful. I felt better without this drug. Don't take it. It has far to many side effects that happen way to often F 17 1 days
 1  Some sort of bacterial infection I took two pills the first day, one pill the second day as directed. After about 30 hours of taking pills 1&2, the side effects started. Right ear plugged up, vertigo began. within 4-6 hours, panic, sweats, vomiting. All bad. I did not take the day 3 dose. I went to the doctor instead. Got a different antibiotic. It's been approximately 6 days since my first dose and I'm still not right. Fatigue is harsh, still a wee bit disoriented. This drug can't get out of my system fast enough. The side effects seemed to be waning yesterday to the point i declared myself nearly 100%, but last night i felt like i had a vertigo/insomnia relapse. Mild, but still kept me up for hours. take at your own risk. M 42 2 days
500mg 1X D
 1  Bronchitis First, you feel a little "off" with some weird depression. It feels like doom and gloom. Then you can't eat a thing. Then you develop SEVERE anxiety and panic attacks (heart palpitations, nausea, chest pressure, etc) for no apparent reason. This is how this drug affected me. I was dry heaving all the time. If there was pepper cooking, I would feel it in my throat and heave. I would vomit from the panic and then panic because I'm vomiting. I had a great job--a math teacher. I took this drug for bronchitis (which ended up being viral) all because my mom wanted me to. She was worried that it would get worse. And I took this evil drug. I couldn't work. I was teaching using post it notes. It was insane. After stopping this drug, the symptoms of anxiety got worse. Sometimes I felt like I couldn't breathe. I totally isolated myself because even TALKING would make me heave if I breathed funny. For an entire year, I barely spoke. All I did was read and play jigsaw puzzles while watchi Some people just need time (a LOT of time) and their symptoms will subside. I wasn't that lucky. I try to post this on here from time to time (although it's been a few years at this point), but someone emailed me about this and I decided to post again, PLEASE email me if you have any questions. There is hope. You are not alone. You can get through this. Good luck to all of you. F 36 5 days
500mg 1X D
 1  Congestion nasal and cough Even if taking prednisone, never had some bad taste onyx mouth like that to metal!! F 56 3 days
 1  Strep/pneumonia Blurred vision, severe diarrhea, pounding rapid heart, headache that lasted the whole time, itchy vagina, nausea, dizzyness. Worst experience with this medicine. I know not everyone can take it and I'm one of them!! Dr ended up putting me on augmentin 875mg twice a day and it works like a charm! Not for everyone. Don' work for 1 in 5 people F 25 5 days
 1  Respiratory infection Headache, heart racing, skin rash, itching, anxiety, not feeling like myself, sore joints and muscles, stiff neck and shoulder pain, severe acid reflux, horrible anxiety, swollen lymph nodes in neck, insomnia you name it I had it I took the 1000mg in one dose, after the 4th day I felt like my throat was closing. I began to itch all over my body. I had a migraine that wouldn't go away even with sleep. I went to the ER, Doctor told me to take benadryl, because I was experiencing an allergic reaction. A week after that I was still experiencing sore joints and back pain, acid reflux so I went back to the hospital, Doctor ran test said I was dehydrated and said I had an uti. They gave me fluids and prescribed bactrim, however I was scared to take the medication that was prescribed because of what I was experiencing. Bought probiotics for acid reflux and the belching subsided. I will never take this drug again F 24 5 days
 1  Sinus Infection First two doses was horrible. I got shortness of breathe, Bad taste in my mouth, severe diarrhea and I felt completely insane. Unable to go to sleep. Cold feet and hands Definitely would not recommend at all!!! F 23 5 days
250 MG
 1  sinus infection COMPLETE LOSS OF SMELL, severely decreased sense of taste, stomach cramps, foggy/blurred vision Less than an hour after taking first dose starting having severe abdominal cramps, the next day my sense of smell was COMPLETELY gone. It's been 4 days since first dose and no improvement in smell. Super scary thought that it may be permanent. F 32 3 days
 5  Bacterial throat/ear infection None...perhaps a bit of gas Take natural yogourt and acidophilus pills and you should be fine! F 62 5 days
250 mg X 6 1X D
 3   1 days
 5  Uraplasma Nausea and loose stools I am 3 months and 2 weeks pregnant, and was prescribed a 1000mg dose of this medication. Had no problems other than some nausea and diareah F 23 1 days
 1  Bronchitis Severe headache, body aches, irritability, constipation, vomiting, dizziness, chest pain, neck pain. I was recently put on this poison for bronchitis which didn't really help me but instead just cause bad side effects. After being on two doses, it caused me a lot of problems, problems that the doctor said don't usually occur after a few doses. I was told that it should be out of my body by now but it is not. I do not trust doctors words so much and I will never take antibiotics like this again. All it did was make me feel worse. Never take this drug. F 22 1 days
250 mg
 1  Bronchitis I took this drug about eight years ago. After two pills I became very ill, I thought I had a very bad case of the flu. But no I wasn't that lucky... after 5 trips to the ER, I was sent to an allergist specialist. She new right away that I was having a sever allergic reaction to Z-pack. She also told me that it would take up to 3 months for it to be out of my system, because it also can be absorbed in your tissues.She was right I had to take steroids for three months, every time they tried to lower the dosage I would break out in hives again.... Evil Evil drug.... F 57 2 days
1X D
 1  Sinus infection Lost 80% of sense of smell directly after using. It's been over 9 months and it never returned. Life won't be the same again wish I never took this. I went to ENT and she gave me a stroid spray but it helps very little. M 40 5 days
 1  Sinus cold Loss /distorted sense of smell and taste Don't take this drug M 55 5 days
 1  Sinusitis THE WORST DRUG EVER!! I wish that I would have listened to my gut feeling and not taken this drug. After 1st dose, palpitations, chest pain, severe dizziness, overall bad feeling. Day 2, sweaty red palms/feet, chest/face got red and flushed and hot, terrible pain in the center of my back, rash on my arms and legs, ended up in the ER. Insomnia tonight, mind racing, severe anxiety, weird visual effects when I close my eyes! Like swirling or awful AND it takes days after stopping for it to get out of your system! What is in this poison?? I would never, ever take this again! Worst experience ever taking an antibiotic! Horrible side effects after just two days of taking this! F 45 2 days
250 mg
 1  bronchitis Dizziness, chest pains,nasuea,vision problems,headaches fatigue, lack of concentration. 5 days
 3  I got the flu I had head aches as well as feeling off balance tired all the time and have like a shaky nervous feeling..although it has helped me with my flu it has created new symptoms.. M 33 4 days
250 mg
 3  Upper respiratory sore throat Ulcers on gums and tongue.extreme bloating and gas cramps, strange after taste in mouth,nausea,chest pain that is still bothering me after 2 days off. It sped me up. I was sick and up cleaning bc of the med. Every side effect I experienced is on the rare list which just blows my mind. I have read articles on this medicine and the potential for death by heart attack is scary. Especially since my chest has bothered me since I started it. I'm a healthy 40 yr old female but the fact that my chest bothered me is the reason I sought out info. I workout daily but something is wrong. My husband just finished same dose. He was sick too but worse and it did nothing. We just got back from Dr and he's now on doxycycline. I've never had so many side-effects from an antibiotic. I wouldn't take it again. Too miserable. F 40 5 days
250 mg
 5  Chronic Sinus Infection None I have suffered chronic sinus infections for years and this seems to be the first antibiotic that has ever really helped me to feel better. I have to agree that the negative comments left on this antibiotic seem to be more symptoms of an illness and not this antibiotic.. It seems to work great for me. F 35 10 days
250 mg 1X D
 1  sinus infection Irregular heart beat,anxiety,headache,gas,bloating,always hungry,loss of taste and smell,sensitive skin,tingling in hands,depression,burning sensation in my mouth just to name a few! I finally stopped taking them after I took 4 F 53 4 days
??? 1X D



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